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10 Essential Kitchens Trends For 2022

Updated for 2022. Discover the latest kitchen trends and find inspiration for your new kitchen today! 

Updated for 2022. Discover the latest kitchen trends and find inspiration for your new kitchen today! 

Kitchen trends, like clothing, are integral to an individual’s own style and sense of self. It’s not just about units and worktops but creating a space that’s great for relaxing, entertaining, and cooking up a storm. We’ve been checking out the latest kitchen trends for 2022 to show you a few of the ones we liked best!  

Bold and dark colours continue to be popular kitchen design trends in 202

1. Bold Colour Cabinetry  

Bold and dark colours continue to be popular kitchen design trends in 2022. Green kitchen cabinetry, in particular, is an in-demand colour range. You’ll see this in kitchen cabinetry and kitchen tiling featuring tones such as emerald and forest green.   

We recommend balancing out deeper forest greens with lighter coffee shades and subtle metallics to bring a more elegant theme to your kitchen.  

Dark blues and black are also gaining popularity as they create an opulent high-end look when combined with more modern kitchen cabinets such as our handleless range

2. Metallic Detailing  

Copper cookware, industrial lighting pendants, or metal kitchen utensil racks all offer unique characteristics that can help you achieve a more industrial vibe in your kitchen.  

Brass ironmongery can also lift the look of your kitchen, creating something truly unique to you. We recommend using complementary materials for taps, hinges, knobs, and door handles to complete the look.  

Metallic splashbacks can also create totally unique look in your kitchen, especially if you pair them with a contrasting cabinet.  

These copper rails add a distinct look and contrast beautifully in this forest green kitchen. 

This stunning gold tap creates a real statement in this stone kitchen

This stunning gold sink makes a bold statement alongside the matching gold handles throughout this contemporary forest green kitchen. 

Quartz worktops are proving to be enormously popular this year

3. Quartz Worktops 

Quartz worktops are proving to be enormously popular this year and it’s no surprise to see why. They ooze luxury and sophistication and work well with so many different colour schemes whether it’s an elegant white kitchen, navy blue, or something bolder like emerald green. 

Don’t feel like you have to be limited to work surfaces either, quartz is incredibly practical and is hard-wearing so you can also use it as a splashback. If you’re looking for a real wow factor, why not include a stunning waterfall kitchen island in your kitchen. 

This recycled kitchen uses 100-year-old reclaimed floorboards from Plymouth Museum

4. Sustainable Kitchens   

Sustainability and the environmental impact of our homes are becoming more important for many of us. So, choosing the right materials and products is key. Choosing energy-efficient appliances is a good place to start. Consider choosing A-rated cookers and fridges or innovative products such as the Quooker boiling water tap which is proven to be considerably cheaper than boiling a kettle.  

However, this could be as simple as upcycling existing materials from an old kitchen or using reclaimed wood or metals- This can be used to great effect! 

We can't help but love the story behind this industrial handmade kitchen as it brings to life 100-year-old reclaimed floorboards from Plymouth Museum for the bottom door units. It's the unique details that take any kitchen to the next level! 

This industrial handmade kitchen uses 100-year-old reclaimed floorboards from Plymouth Museum for the bottom door units

At Kettle Co, we are making sustainability one of our key priorities in 2022 and beyond. Choosing sustainable, locally made materials and products will play a greater part in our kitchen ranges and we are also looking to launch a carbon neutral kitchen range in the near future.  

Minimalism is becoming a lot trendier these days

5. Hidden Storage  

Sometimes, showing off those kitchen utensils, gadgets and cookware is part of the look of the kitchen. But, for more contemporary kitchens, minimalism is becoming a lot trendier.  

Let’s face it, we all feel better when are home is less cluttered. There are now so many ways you can hide bins, shelving, pantries, and larders.   

This unique kitchen, featured on Grand Designs, features a bi-fold door system from HAWE

This unique kitchen, featured on Grand Designs, features a bi-fold door system from HAWE that creates a minimalist look.  

Bespoke pantries and larders are a popular trend in kitchen design

6. Bespoke Pantries& Larders 

Pantries have been a hot kitchen design trend for several years now and remain hugely popular.  As a feature that has been around for decades, we are pleased to see that the Pantry will continue to be a dominating trend in 2022. 

As a place to store food, appliances, jars, and even dinnerware, a pantry offers a variety of practical solutions that can be tailored to any kitchen space or shape. 

“We often get requests from customers to add bespoke made-to-measure pantries and there is a definite wow factor when you open a door to reveal a walk-in pantry or beautifully designed larder”.

Herringbone flooring is a hot kitchen trend

7. Herringbone Flooring  

Parquet and herringbone flooring is enjoying a resurgence in 2022. It provides a natural look that contrasts well with almost any cabinet colour and adds warmth to more contemporary spaces. 

It’s a hard-wearing surface making it perfect for kitchens and comes in wood, porcelain, and vinyl tiles so you can be versatile with your approach. 

“In this kitchen, the herringbone flooring provides warmth to what is otherwise light and airy kitchen space. It works well with the two-tone kitchen island and metallic handles used on the kitchen doors”.

Bench seating is a popular kitchen trend in 2022

8. Bench Seating  

The humble kitchen island is evolving! We are seeing more requests for built-in dining booths and bespoke seating areas in kitchen islands. These can be cosy little spaces that create a romantic dining space or workspace. 

This elegant example shows a snug little dining booth built into one of our bespoke kitchen islands. It provides a unique focal point for the kitchen without compromising on practicality. 

Large statement lights are set to be one of the main kitchen trends for 2022

9. Statement Kitchen Lighting  

Thinking about how you light your kitchen space is incredibly important. Lighting is becoming a key aspect of the kitchen design process, and it can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of a kitchen. 

It’s about thinking beyond spotlights and typical ceiling lights. Large pendants or industrial-style statement lights are now becoming a hot kitchen trend. For more inspiration, check out the gorgeous lights over at The Soho Lighting Company. 

We are seeing a lot more focus on pendant and statement lights, especially over kitchen islands. Industrial lighting pendants, when paired with matching cookware or exposed brickwork or natural woods all offer unique character than can help you achieve a more industrial vibe in your kitchen.  

Unique living spaces are a big kitchen trend in 2022

10. Creating a unique living space  

Your kitchen doesn’t have to just be about cooking and eating.  In fact, many modern kitchens are starting to blend in with the rest of the home, particularly in open-plan homes.   

A truly great kitchen design can unlock your kitchen and turn it into a richer and more productive living space. Whether that’s about providing an office space or combining the kitchen with a larger living area for the family.  

“This is an area of kitchen design we absolutely love. Everybody's needs are unique and finding the right solution for our customers is what drives us!”  

Dale Williams 

Are you inspired by these kitchen trends? Why not check out our past projects and you’ll discover some truly beautiful and inspiring kitchens. Ready to get in touch? You can book a design appointment with one of our designers or request our brochure.  

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