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Kitchen Trends for 2021

Discover the latest kitchen trends for 2021 and find inspiration for your new kitchen today!
Kitchen trends, like clothing, are integral to an individual’s own style and sense of self. It’s not just about units and worktops but creating a space that’s great for relaxing, entertaining and cooking up a storm. We’ve been checking out the latest kitchen trends for 2021 to show you a few of the ones we liked best!

What are the popular kitchen colours for 2021?

Green Cabinetry

Blue Hues

Dark Surfaces

Ebbor Signature Kitchen
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Popular Kitchen Styles & Designs for 2021

Bespoke Cabinetry

A stunning U shaped farmhouse kitchenLEARN MORE

Industrial Kitchens

Modern Twists on Tradition

Wembury Signature Kitchen
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What are the other top kitchen trends?

Boiling Water Taps

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Smart Storage

Integrating clever storage ideas for your new kitchen will always have a positive influence on the way you live. A well thought out and designed kitchen will always provide spaces for clever little storage ideas.

One of the biggest kitchen design trends in 2021 is incorporating kitchen larders and pastries into your living space as they can provide plenty of storage for food, kitchen gadgets.

Discreet kitchen storage and shelving can make a real impact into the functionality of your kitchen so make sure you ask your kitchen designer about maximising storage space.

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