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Navy Blue Kitchen Ideas

Navy blue is a versatile colour that works in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. In this guide, we look at our top navy blue kitchen ideas.

Past Projects: Traditional Shaker-style Kitchen
This traditional shaker-style kitchen demonstrates the timeless trend of brooding blue cabinetry.

Navy blue is a tried and tested colour for kitchens that's unlikely to date or go out of fashion. It’s also versatile colour that works in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. In this guide, we look at our top navy blue kitchen ideas.

What colours go with navy?

What colours should you choose when designing a navy blue kitchen? There are many different colour combinations that look great with navy blue.

For example, navy blue works beautifully with white or cream and keeps a kitchen feeling light and spacious. So this is a great option if you have a smaller kitchen and want to make it feel more open. It's also the timeless two-tone colour option. Try a navy blue kitchen island paired with white or cream cabinetry for a striking contrast.

This opulent bespoke kitchen from Williams & sons is finishes in a classic white and navy blue colour scheme

However, if you want a darker feel in your kitchen, pairing navy with black is a great option that will create a luxurious vibe to your kitchen space.

Light grey and navy pair together to create a cool calming vibe. The contrast between the light grey and dark navy plays well in more traditional kitchens. In a similar way, sage green also creates a relaxed feel in a kitchen. This colour pairing works best in a contemporary kitchen design.

What finishes contrast with navy?

Whatever colour you chose to pair with navy, a matte finish is a good way to go. Matte finishes will give your navy kitchen a sleek cohesive look. It's also a popular finish for contemporary handleless kitchens.

Adding wooden features to your navy blue kitchen will add more warmth and create a homely feel. One of our favourite ideas is to include wooden shelving and countertops. This combination is perfect for a traditional-style kitchen but can also work well alongside more modern designs.

Gold or brass features will create a luxurious feel in your kitchen. You can play around with how to incorporate these colours, but a good way to do this is with handles, sinks and taps.

Navy blue kitchen with copper sink and tap

What kitchen accessories go well in a navy blue kitchen?

When choosing your accessories, there are a couple of ways you can go. Copper pots and pans can give a very rustic feel, displaying these on the countertops is a perfect way to add this colour.

You could also choose navy accessories to help enhance the main colour scheme. These will look great on white or cream countertops where they will stand out more. This idea also works well with a secondary colour choice like light grey, sage or black. Buying appliances like toasters or kettles in your accent colour is a great way to add contrast and interest to your kitchen décor.

Stone flooring contrasts well with a navy blue colour scheme

Flooring ideas

The flooring you choose for your kitchen will make a big impact on the overall design so it’s important to give it plenty of thought.

For a darker earthy feeling kitchen, real wood flooring helps to bring out the warmth of navy and is perfect for a traditional style kitchen.

If you want to keep your kitchen light and bright, white or cream flooring works best and is excellent for a contemporary-style kitchen. Tile, stone and laminate flooring are all great options here.

Copper pendant lights go well in this contemporary handleless navy blue kitchen

Types of lighting for navy blue kitchens

Pendant lighting is a classic design choice and works well in many colour choices. Silver pendant lighting works well for an industrial look whereas gold and copper lighting can create a more homely warm feel. 

The colour of your pendant lighting is a good way to bring in an accent colour to your overall decor. Alternatively, you can match your lighting with other aspects of your kitchen to create a theme. For example, choosing white or cream lighting that matches countertops and walls will always work well.

A rustic country kitchen with modern handleless navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy decor ideas

If you want a more traditional-style kitchen, wooden elements are a great way to go. This could be in the form of cabinets, shelving or making the most of exposed wooden beams. Wooden features will always look excellent alongside a navy colour scheme.

Patterned tiles are also a good option if you want to add a bit of a statement to your navy blue kitchen. Whether this is throughout your kitchen or purely on a statement wall, adding these tiles will contrast well with the classic look of navy.

In conclusion

We hope this article has shown you many ways you could design a navy kitchen and given you some inspiration. If you’d like to explore these ideas further, come and have a chat with one of our kitchen designers. We can help you get the design right and bring your new kitchen to life!

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