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Sage Green Kitchen Ideas

Sage green is a popular colour choice for many different types of kitchen. In this kitchen design guide we look at our top sage green kitchen ideas and how you can get the most out of this versatile colour.
Sage Green Kitchen Ideas

Sage green is a popular colour choice for many different types of kitchen whether it’s a traditional shaker style or a more contemporary handleless design. In this guide we look at our top sage green kitchen ideas and how you can get the most out of this versatile colour.

Sage green has been having a renaissance in the last couple of years and is popular with interior designers and homeowners. It’s organic, soft and calming qualities make it a great choice for walls, kitchen cabinets and kitchen accessories.

Let’s look at our top sage green kitchen ideas and design tips.

Modern handleless sage green kitchen

How do you use sage green in a modern kitchen?

If you're designing a contemporary kitchen then use a secondary, darker green to create a two-tone effect. If you have a large kitchen, then a great choice is to paint the kitchen island a bold shade of dark green. It will contrast beautifully with the light green kitchen units and create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

What colours go with sage green?

Let’s look at what colours go with sage green and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen design.

Whites & Creams

Sage green will always work well with white or cream as it creates a classic clean look to a kitchen. If you like shaker kitchen doors then we recommend pairing sage green kitchen cabinets with a white quartz worktops for a traditional look.


Sage green also works well with grey. This will create a warmer and more organic feel to your kitchen and is a great alternative to white. This is an ideal colour pairing for more contemporary kitchen designs. You can also opt for a two-tone kitchen design which uses both grey and sage kitchen cabinets. 

Navy Blue

Navy blue is another great choice for pairing with sage green. It will create a relaxed calming vibe to your kitchen. Again, you can use this secondary colour to create a two-tone kitchen colour scheme, paint a feature wall with navy blue or use it as accent colour in appliances and accessories.

Red & Burgundy

If you’re after a bolder colour choice then red goes surprisingly well with sage green. Red is on the opposite side of the colour wheel which makes it a good contrast colour for lighter greens. Burgundy is a great choice as are darker muted reds. Try using red on a feature wall, splashback, or as the main colour for a standalone kitchen dresser or island.

Orange & Terracotta

Finally, orange and terracotta make wonderful warm accent colours for feature walls, kitchen accessories and soft furnishings.

What finishes contrast with sage

Matt finishes work well with the soothing feel of sage green so whether it’s navy blue, grey or even red, focusing on matt colours will give the best results.

Wooden features will enhance the homely feel of your kitchen. If you have an older property with exposed beams or a vaulted wooden ceiling, then this is definitely something you’ll want to play with. Try oak butchers block worktops to create a warm contrast. You can extend this to the shelving in pantry units, bespoke drawers and kitchen islands to create a wonderful farmhouse style kitchen.

Brass also works well with sage green kitchens and although vintage in look, works well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen settings. Brass handles come in all types of modern, classic and retro designs so you have plenty of options. Choose Victorian designs for brass taps if you are designing a classic kitchen and single lever mixer taps if you are going for a more modern design.

A bespoke wooden knife rack in a sage green kitchen

What kitchen accessories go well in a sage green kitchen

Copper pots and pans are the perfect way to complement the rustic feel of sage green. Show them off on a utensil rail above your stove or use them as a focal point above your kitchen island.

Having sage green appliances is also a good way of strengthening the main colour scheme of your kitchen. They will look great with white or cream worktops. Alternatively you can buy toasters, kettles and bread bins in a matching accent colour such as navy blue, burgundy or terracotta.

Sage Green Shaker Kitchen

Flooring ideas

The flooring you choose for your kitchen will make a big impact on the overall design so it’s important to give it plenty of thought.

If you’re after a light and airy feel, then opt for light wood, white tile or a cream stone. This will complement the sage green kitchen cabinets.

Natural wooden flooring will add an earthy feel that will complement the sage green colour scheme. Opt for dark wood to create a warm cosy vibe. Dark stone flooring will also have a similar look and create a more dramatic contrast in your kitchen.

Because sage is such a neutral tone, it will also allow you to be more creative with your flooring choices. Try geometric tile patterns for a bolder flooring choice.

A great example of a two tone sage green and navy kitchen

Types of lighting for sage green kitchens

Cream and white pendant lights will always compliment sage green kitchens, especially if you use similar colours for worktops, walls and splashbacks.

Warm pendant lighting can create a homely feel and works with the natural feel of sage green. You can use accent colours for painted lights such as navy blue, orange and black. Or use copper, brass and antique bronze to create a more vintage look. 

Industrial style lights will always work well over kitchen islands. Wicker, rattan and bamboo pendant lights are also becoming a key lighting trend and will complement sage green kitchen cabinets.

Alternatively, a bright white set of downlights will always create a light, airy and social space.

Sage Green Country Kitchen

Sage green decor ideas

If you are designing a farmhouse or cottage-style kitchen then opt for rustic elements throughout your kitchen decor. Open storage and wooden shelving will work particularly well against sage green kitchen cabinets. Wooden fruit bowls, wicker baskets and vintage clocks will all add some ‘old-world’ charm.

Woven rugs in neutral colours will work well especially if you have a dark wood floor or stone tiles. They are particularly suited to large kitchens where you might want to define a dining area more clearly. Using a rug underneath bar stools or a Persian runner will add some warmth and help turn your kitchen into a living space.

Use floral wallpaper prints for more of a statement. Bold patterns and floral designs with matching colours will give you kitchen depth and add to its charm. You can use this across your kitchen walls or limit it to a feature wall.

Add houseplants throughout your kitchen. They’ll bring a peaceful and natural vibe to your living space and the greens will look great against the sage green kitchen cabinets. Think English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Spider plants and palms. Even some herbs like basil and mint will look great and provide some delicious ingredients for summer recipes.

In conclusion

We hope you have found some inspiration with these sage green kitchen ideas.  If you’d like to explore these ideas further, come and have a chat with our kitchen designers. We can help you get the design right and bring your new kitchen to life!

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