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Our St Austell Showroom


Indulge In Our Designs

Our St Austell showroom embodies Kettle Co.’s dedication to
outstanding craftsmanship and innovative design. Each
meticulously arranged display showcases the variety and allure of
our kitchen collections.

Whether your preference leans towards the streamlined
sophistication of contemporary styles or the cosy allure of
traditional designs, our showroom is a boundless source of
inspiration. Here, you can observe the fine intricacies and essence
of our designs, each carefully tailored to align with your unique
As you wander through the showroom, you will notice how each kitchen setup captures a different mood and lifestyle, reflecting the versatility and adaptability of our designs.

From innovative layouts that maximise space and functionality to exquisite material choices that speak volumes about quality and style, our St Austell showroom is a celebration of how we blend artistry with practicality. It is more than just a place to view kitchens; it is where your ideas and preferences come to the forefront, guided by our dedication to creating spaces that are both beautiful and uniquely yours.

Crafted In The West Country

At Kettle Co., we take immense pride in designing kitchens that perfectly match your needs and desires. Attention to detail is paramount in our process, and our Exeter factory is where this commitment comes to life. By manufacturing each kitchen in-house to the highest standards, we ensure that the final product is not only of exceptional quality but also tailored to fit your space flawlessly. This local craftsmanship guarantees a kitchen that is as precise in its function as it is beautiful in its design.

Meet Our Talented Team At St Austell

At Kettle Co., the heart of our exceptional service is our team of kitchen specialists. In our St Austell showroom, you will have the opportunity to meet our knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Passionate about kitchen design and committed to a holistic service, our team is ready to offer you tailored advice and support.

From exploring the latest in kitchen ergonomics and technology to selecting the perfect materials, they are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your design journey.

Exquisite Kitchens

Kettle Co. presents a wide-ranging collection of kitchens to suit various tastes and requirements. From the pristine lines of our modern kitchen range to the enduring elegance of our shaker kitchens, there is a style for everyone.

Our handleless and integrated handle kitchens offer a contemporary feel, while our affordable kitchens ensure you do not have to compromise style or quality. For a truly personalised space, our bespoke kitchens are tailored to align with your style and practical needs.

How To Find Our St. Austell Showroom

Our Address:

1st Floor HBH Woolacotts Superstore
The Valley Retail Park
Gover Road
St Austell
Cornwall PL25 5NE

You can find our showroom conveniently situated on the 1st Floor of Woolacotts Superstore in the Valley Retail Park. 

Should you need help finding us, please give us a call at 01726 600 034, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Start Your Design Journey

We at Kettle Co. are eager to help you bring your interior dreams to life. The best way to start is by visiting our showroom. If you are ready to discuss your project with one of our experts, click the link below to book a design appointment.
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Looking forward to seeing you in our showroom soon!
Matt Taylor- St Austell Showroom Manager
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