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Why Kettle Co?

Kitchen companies may look similar on the outside, but at Kettle Co you will find a world of difference.

Welcome to Something Special

Our aim is to be the best kitchen company in the South West, and many of our customers think we are there, but we never rest and try to improve on what we do every single day.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new kitchen, then it’s worth investing a little time to understand the market and what you get for your money

Made In The West Country

We pride ourselves in our ability to design kitchens that are perfect for our customers. Every detail counts and because we manufacture your kitchen at our Exeter factory, to the highest possible standards, you can be certain that the finished kitchen will fit your space perfectly.

Meet our team

Our team of kitchen designers are here for you. Passionate  about innovative kitchen design, our philosophy is all about creative kitchens that are as beautiful as they are functional. Our design process is uniquely collaborative with the customer at the heart of every decision.
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Dale Williams - Founder & Managing Director at Kettle Co Kitchens
Dale Williams
Managing Director
Ross Trathen - Showroom Manager at Kettle Co Kitchens
Ross Trathen
Head of Retail
Jodie - Customer Service Manager at Kettle Co Kitchens
Jodie Trathen
Customer Service Manager
Simon Nicholson - Kitchen Designer At Kettle Co Kitchens
Simon Nicholson
Senior Design Consultant 
Matthew Taylor - Kitchen Designer at Kettle Co Kitchens
Matthew Taylor
St Austell Showroom Manager
"Every project offers something unique, and a new creative opportunity"
Dale Williams, Managing Director & Founder, Kettle Co Kitchens

Our Commitment to Quality

We started Kettle Co in 2007 with a simple philosophy: to design and build beautiful kitchens of the highest standards at competitive prices.

It is a commitment that we have pursued tirelessly since the beginning and today we are so confident in the quality of our South West manufactured Kitchens that they come with a 25-year guarantee.

The Widest Range of Options

We also believe in giving our customers choice. Other well-known kitchen retailers keep their cost down by simplifying their offerings and limiting choice – a ‘one fits all’ approach. That is why many kitchen retailers push for you to buy what they have, rather than listening to what you want!

Unbeatable Value

By choosing Kettle Co, you never have to compromise on price. We do not have the large infrastructure costs of the big retail kitchen outfits, so with Kettle Co, more of your money goes on your kitchen.

 Like for like, we are more competitive than the big national kitchen chains, whilst providing greater choice, higher quality products and better service.
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