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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchen design ideas to help you maximise your kitchen space and turn it into a fabulous space in your home.

Small kitchen featuring grey handleless doors

How do you layout a small kitchen? 

Not everyone is blessed with a stupendous amount of space in their kitchen area to fit a kitchen island, dinner table or even a range cooker. This doesn't mean your kitchen can't look just as impressive and stylish! 
The key to designing a small kitchen is maximising the space with smart and efficient storage. Opting for things such as corner cupboards, pull out larders and integrated appliances will transform your kitchen to help it appear less cluttered and more spacious. 

We asked our expert design team about some of their favourite small kitchen design ideas and here’s what they said.

Integrate kitchen storage wherever you can

Clever storage will be a key factor in making your small kitchen functional and avoiding clutter. This is probably the most important part of your kitchen design and will require some clever ideas and great design skills.

Make the most out of corner cupboards so that they house plenty of pull-out storage.

Corner cupboard with pull out storage

Consider introducing some bespoke elements to give your small kitchen character and function. This bespoke breakfast cupboard is a particular nice feature that saves space and declutters the kitchen worktop.  

This bespoke wall-mounted plate rack makes the most of the wall space in this kitchen and also adds a nice two-tone look in the process.

 bespoke wall-mounted plate rack

Go for integrated appliances wherever possible 

Integrated appliances will allow you to streamline your kitchen and make it flow much better. A built-in oven, for example will typically create a cleaner look especially combined with a tall wall units. 

Think about whether you can relocate your washing machine to another space or room in your house. 

Bespoke storage solution for small kitchen

Make use of your corners 

Corners of kitchens can often be wasted space but here at Kettle Co, we see these as creative design opportunities. This bespoke shelving at the back of a built-in cupboard adds practical storage and character to this traditional stylish space. 

Go tall! 

Make the most of the height of your kitchen space and use tall wall units to maximise your space. Tall wall units are particularly suited to narrow galley-style kitchens.

Use lighter wood finishes and décor 

Smaller kitchens can be dark if you don’t get the décor and materials right. Use a lighter kitchen colour scheme throughout your kitchen and choose woods or other materials that open the space up. This doesn’t always mean cream or white though. Grey is a popular colour choice right now, so are mint green or sage.  

Try pairing these colours with light stone worktops or light oak to really brighten up your kitchen space. 

Don't be afraid to make a statement

As you can see from the kitchen above, a dash of colour in the form of a statement range cooker or splashback can still work really well in a small kitchen. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold colours - just keep your overall kitchen décor light and airy.

As you can see, designing a small kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult and you’d be surprised at just how amazing you can make a small kitchen space look. We hope these small kitchen design ideas inspire you to create an amazing kitchen in your home. 

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