Grand Designs

Kettle Co. Grand Designs Project

In October 2016 Kettle Co. were honoured to be chosen to design and build a new kitchen for prized British Designer Tom Raffield and his wife Danielle, a project that was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Kettle were selected for this exciting undertaking because of their comprehensive design philosophy, creativity and experience of working with cutting edge materials and concepts.

Client Comment

“Kettle Co. were incredibly skilled at getting us to expose the
way we would use space, how and what do we cook? Who cooks? What do we do other than cooking? Who cleans? How tall are we? How do the children interact in the kitchen? The design of the kitchen was led by functionality, but this in no way hampered the creativity – if anything we found Kettle’s creative ways of dealing with problems was totally inspired. The end result is a refined and highly functional piece of design, the kitchen has definitely become the fulcrum of the house. People are drawn to touch it and check what it’s been made out of. Wood, leather and concrete sit together harmoniously as we flutter around it in our daily routines not noticing how well designed everything is, which I think means Kettle got it just right!”

Tom & Danielle Raffield