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Get The Look: Farmhouse Kitchen Style Guide

Do you love the timeless style of a Farmhouse Kitchen? Check out our farmhouse kitchen guide and find out what you need to get that classic farmhouse kitchen look in your home.
Rustic farmhouse kitchen

Do you love the timeless style of a Farmhouse Kitchen? Check out our farmhouse kitchen guide and find out what you need to get that classic farmhouse kitchen look in your home.  

The charming style of a farmhouse or cottage kitchen sits beautifully in so many homes due to its naturally solace and warming qualities. No matter the size, age or location of your home it is easy to translate that traditional country style into your kitchen when the right ingredients are used!  

What type of kitchen door should be used in a farmhouse kitchen? 

Our designers recommend the backbone of any country style kitchen should be a shaker or panel style door such as our St MawesFowey or Killerton ranges. 

Country kitchen with AGA and rustic oak doors

These kitchen doors also include an added touch of detail which is really important – a delicate beading mould surrounding its centre panel adds a real sense of character and skilled craftsmanship that beautifully reflects the authenticity of traditional living.  

Finish off your doors with Iron cup handles or antique knobs to really personalise your cabinetry and exhibit the that traditional rustic style.  

What colours suit a classic cottage or farmhouse kitchen? 

Classic colours stand the test of time 

Classic kitchen cabinetry is traditionally finished in real oak or a soft neutral palette to exemplify the simplistic lifestyle that is associated with country living. Whites , creams and soft yellows have always been popular colours and match beautifully with natural woods. 

Bolder colours can still work 

In recent years Farmhouse kitchens have been modernised by being painted in bolder or darker shades. These colours help create more interest and depth to the room whilst still successfully carrying the personality of a Farmhouse!  Colourful kitchen cabinets can often work really well with natural wooden worktops. 

Make a statement 

Don’t shy away from colour. Used sparingly, a bold colour choice can work really well and draw people’s eye to a key point in the kitchen. A red AGA, two tone colour scheme or feature wall can all add interest to an otherwise neutral kitchen décor. 

What type of worktops suit a farmhouse kitchen? 

To top your kitchen cabinets, a natural granite worktop is recommended to meet the demands that a typical Farmhouse kitchen.  

Quartz worktops in farmhouse kitchen

The structure of a Farmhouse kitchen communicates strong traditional methods and serves as a place for lots of cooking and family activity, hence the need for the worktops to be durable and easy to clean. 

What Appliances should you use in a classic kitchen? 

Traditional AGA 

The smaller elements needed to harmonise the finished look are details such as kitchen appliances and storage. The addition of a traditional AGA is often seen as the heart of any Farmhouse style kitchen due to its enduring reliability. Introduced to Britain in 1929, the AGA has been successfully feeding families with its large cooking capacity for almost a century … and it doesn’t look like it’ll be going out of fashion any time soon!  

Traditional AGA cooker in farmhouse kitchen

Belfast Sinks 

A Belfast sink and bridging style tap also add a stunning contribution to help you create a timeless design for a classic kitchen setting. 

Built in appliances 

You don’t have to compromise or be forced to choose traditional appliances. By using integrated appliances that can be easily covered with classic kitchen doors or cabinetry, you retain the distinctive look of your kitchen. 

How do you light a country kitchen? 

Farmhouse lighting plays a hugely important role in helping to create a cosy and warming ambience. When choosing lighting for your farmhouse kitchen, the first consideration should be whether you have the option to fit downlights into your ceiling.  

Lighting a farmhouse kitchen

Multifunctional rooms such as kitchens need a more even spread of light which can be achieved with high CRI downlights.  The Soho Lighting Company supply a beautiful range of high CRI downlights 

Layer your lighting

With downlights installed, you have the choice of layering your lighting scheme with decorative pendant lights over a kitchen island, if the height is available to you. Enamelled pendants will add design interest without overpowering the space. As they cast the light down, this makes them highly practical for task lighting. 

If you aren’t able to utilise downlights in your farmhouse kitchen, it is preferable to opt for lights with glass shades as they will cast light down, washing the whole room with swathes of lights. 

What type of flooring do you use in a cottage kitchen? 

Natural stone 

Natural stone flooring is super practical, easy to clean and will stand the test of time. It also looks great with almost any colour scheme or finish. 

Natural Wooden flooring 

This is an obvious choice and can be seen in many rustic kitchens. You can opt for real oak flooring or choose a contemporary wood effect laminate that suits your colour scheme. 

What accessories can you use in farmhouse kitchen? 

Showcasing kitchen utensils  

Showcasing kitchen utensils, knifes and pots and pans can be a great way to add character to your kitchen. They also give you an opportunity to make a unique statement. 

These knives on a magnetised strip over reclaimed work are a perfect example of how you can turn utensils into a design feature to give your classic kitchen more character. 

Pots and Pans 

Copper pots and pans can look fantastic in any kitchen.  Don't be afraid to show them off to get that perfect country kitchen look!

Flowers & Herbs 

Adding plants such as herbs to your kitchen are a great way of adding subtle earthy tones to your kitchen and are great to have on hand to season your cooking.  

Flowers are another great addition to your kitchen so that you can soak up those sweet spring aromas. Daffodils, Orchids or Peace lilies will all add a natural touch to your kitchen space. 

Consider using Bespoke Cabinetry 

Want to step it up a notch?  Why not consider including some unique bespoke elements to your kitchen? 

Bespoke cabinetry can make your farmhouse kitchen look amazing

Glass Dressers 

Why not feature a bespoke free standing glass dresser unit to further personalise your space. A glass dresser proudly displays your collection of utensils, appliances and kitchenware whilst also maintaining a clutter free kitchen!  

Pantries and walk in larders 

Pantries have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years and offer a practical storage  

Old beams or bespoke shelving 

Old beams or bespoke shelving can put a unique stamp and help create a focal point around your AGA or kitchen entrance.   

If you’re lucky and have some original features already in your kitchen then make the most of them and have your kitchen design work them into the overall kitchen layout. 

Discover more about how bespoke kitchen cabinetry can transform your country kitchen on our Williams & Sons website

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