NEW! Our amazing online interactive design sessions!

So you’ve decided to book your free online interactive design session…here’s how it works!

STEP ONE – Information is key

If you haven’t already done so, contact our design team by email or telephone and let them know you’d like to set up your free online interactive design session. We’ll then need you to email us with some initial information, before your interactive session can take place. Here’s what we need:

  • Photos of your kitchen.
  • A basic drawing to show where doors, windows and any radiators are currently located in your current kitchen.
  • Measurements of your current kitchen: for this you’ll need to measure from wall to wall, including any variations where the room might be narrower or have an old chimney breast or recess, for example. You will also need to measure the height of the room.
  • Details of any particular design elements you’d like included. Take a look at our website for kitchen styles and for extra inspiration and ideas that we’ve included for other customers, take a look at our dedicated page on Houzz the design website.

STEP TWO – The ‘Briefing’

  • Once we’ve received the information outlined in Step One, you will be contacted by your personal designer for a ‘briefing’ call, to go over what you want in terms of your kitchen. This will include the style you prefer (e.g. contemporary or traditional – or a mixture of both!), the sort of colour scheme you’d like, type of handles for your doors, style of worktops, if you’d like an island, larder cupboard, etc.
  • You’ll be asked to ensure that you have Google Chrome installed on your PC or other device, in readiness for your interactive session.
  • Your designer will tell you to expect an email, with a special link, at a pre-arranged time (usually the next day but on a mutually agreed time and date).  

STEP THREE – The Interactive Design Session

  • When the email arrives from your designer, you will need to click on it straight away and then follow the prompts on your screen, ensuring that the camera and microphone on your PC or device are switched to ‘on’.
  • Once the link is established, you will be face to face and ‘live’ with your designer. He will be able to share his screen with you, showing your new kitchen design, in real time. If you’d like to make any changes, He will also be able to change various elements, including layouts, colours and styles, in real time with you. You will see these happening on screen in front of you.
  • Once you’ve decided on a plan, your designer will email it over to you within 24 hours together with a quote. At this point, you can follow up with your designer via email if you have any queries or would like to discuss the quote further.
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