Buying from Kettle

Furnishing the room at the heart of your home in a way that will improve your life is the reason we do what we do. The journey to that goal should be enjoyable and exciting, and we put our energy into creating that experience for you. 

1. Conversation

‘From the moment you step into our inspirational showroom our design practice begins with listening and understanding how you want your kitchen to work for you. We gain insight into your lifestyle, your envisaged future in your home, your preferences from a range of design literature we supply and of course, other points of reference you may introduce.

2. Design & Proposal

Our personalised response to your initial design consultation is presented to you in the form of a beautifully realised design visualisation using cutting edge software. Created and informed by our discussions and developed with you, we arrive together at a solution that works perfectly, practically and aesthetically. With the design agreed, we prepare a detailed proposal with itemised costs.

3. Placing Your Order

With the design and proposal accepted, we agree the terms of the contract confirming your expectations and our Kettle commitment. Deposit paid you can relax in confidence as we allocate your order to one of our installation experts

4. Meet the team

Our installation team will visit your home, discussing in depth your requirements and answering any queries you may have. They’ll talk you through how the job will progress, giving you an idea of timescale and what to expect in order to turn your design into a reality.

5. Installation

As the team works within your home you can expect regular updates throughout the process, our aim is to minimise inconvenience and make sure the experience is as enjoyable as possible. Once completed a member of our team will contact you to ensure that we have not only met but exceeded all your expectations.


Our kitchens are guaranteed for 25 years. In practice we expect our kitchens to be functioning for far longer than our guarantees, which is why we specify industry-leading grades of materials, fittings and construction techniques that should last for generations.

Money Talks

When money’s involved, no-one likes surprises. Once we have committed to a price, we’ll stick to it.

If the specification changes, we’ll agree the price revision before we adjust our contract with you. Our policy is to remain totally transparent so, if at any time in our relationship, you want clarification on how our charges are calculated, we’ll be happy to run through them with you.